“Taj is an excellent dog walker and sitter. His services have been an invaluable resource for both daily walks and long-term boarding. Every time our dog goes out with Taj, he comes back happy (and tired).”

Aaron, Bandit’s Dad


“Who walks the dog… Well at my house it isn’t my kids, it’s me or Nor Cal Dog Academy! I know when they take my goofy dog Jasper walking he is safe, well run and is in excellent company. Taj and Cameron are responsible, professional and really nice. We love them.”

Alison, Jasper’s Mom


“My dog, Penny, can be a bit particular about people and a little shy with dogs. In general, she’s a good judge of character. That said, she adores Taj and Cameron. She greets them elatedly and always comes home from walks happy and exhausted. Like most dog owners, I cherish my Penny and her safety and well-being are my primary concern. With Nor Cal Dog Academy, I can be certain that my dog is receiving the highest standard of care. Taj truly knows and cares for Penny and treats her like his own. I have been a client since 2010 and recommend them enthusiastically to anyone in search of professional dog walkers/trainers.”

Sophia Ripple, Penny’s Mom


“If you work long hours and feel bad your pup is not getting the play time he deserves or if you just want someone you can trust to give your dog lots of attention while you are on vacation…do yourself a favor and call Taj.

We got our little Maltese, Hiccup, when he was 8 weeks old and due to our work schedules started him with Taj a couple days a week. We sought a dog walker to just give him a good run, but what we got in Taj was so much more. The following are just a couple reasons why Taj stood out: (1) Instantly when Taj came for an orientation you could tell that he wholeheartedly invested in our dog, he sat down on the floor and just started to build the trust of both us and Hiccup. It was important for me to find someone I could trust to take attentive care of my little puppy. (2)Taj is very communicative. I love when he sends pictures and videos from their puppy play dates at the beach. He is also another set of eyes and lets me know if Hiccup was standing on the kitchen table when he arrived (such a trouble maker), or is having stomach issues etc.
(3)He doesn’t just give the dogs a great workout (Hiccup knocks out as soon as he gets home) but he actually reinforces the training you’ve been working on. Hiccup is so well mannered and I believe we owe some of that credit to Taj. He recalls, sits, lays, waits, and is a social butterfly with every other dog we have ever run into. (4) Finally, Taj is a lifesaver when it comes to vacations, sometimes jumping in on last minute requests, It makes my workdays and vacations so much better, not worrying about little Hiccup, but knowing he is having the time of his life and getting tons of love and scratches.

Upshot: Taj is trustworthy, emotionally invested in his dogs, attentive, communicative, flexible, reliable and we are very lucky we found him.”

Janice Jentz, Hiccup’s Mom


“Taj has been watching my sick /old dog, Lulu, for 3 years. He treats her like his own. She is treated like one of the family. Taj is dependable and very responsible. I would recommend Taj to anyone who was looking for a great dog walker or boarding!”

Stephanie Spatz, LuLu’s Mom


“Micklo has improved so much, especially at the park which was my biggest concern. He now listens to me much more, and comes about 85% of the time when I call him and it’s getting better every time we go. Thank you for everything! Taking your class was such an amazing learning experience that gave me lots of confidence on how to become Micklo’s leader. And it proved to me how smart Micklo is and that it’s on me to put in the time to help me and him become a better team. :)”

Diana Mondragon, Miklo’s Mom


“Our dogs seemed to look forward to their visit from the team at Nor Cal Dog Academy more than seeing my wife or me. Taj always went the extra mile for us in treagin our family like his family, whether being there on short notice or meeting us at our veterinarian. He consistently exceeded our expectations!”

Barklay Ferguson, Katie’s Dad


“Riley was our family’s first dog, a yellow Labrador retriever. When we started class, Riley was only 4 months old. We had watched videos of The Dog Whisperer, read books on puppies and called our friends for advice. These were valuable lessons, but our class with Taj was the most beneficial.

When I met Taj, I also met his dog, Mister. Mister was a rescued Pitbull. Initially trained to fight, Mister is now a well-trained companion. He followed every command that Taj gave, and at 100 pounds or so, sat comfortably on Taj’s lap when called. What Taj explained on that first day is, ‘There aren’t bad dogs, just bad owners’. And that is exactly what Taj’s class focused on, how to be a good owner.

Taj focused his classes on understanding how to communicate with your dog. Dogs and humans have a successful relationship when communication is clear and understandable. By watching Taj interact with our dog, and also practicing the exercises after class, I saw immediate improvements in our ability to teach Riley. If having a well-trained and obedient pet, companion or family member is your goal, I recommend taking a class with Taj. His insights are a main reason Riley has become such a wonderful part of our family.”

Chris Tow, Riley’s Dad